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Joe Wainer
Joe WainerUpdated 4 months ago

Help students learn multiplication with Timez Attack

Timez Attack is an educational game that helps children learn and memorise their multiplication tables. It's a cartoony third-person 3D adventure game that calls on students to guide its green bug/dinosaur of a hero or heroine through a dangerous fantasy world. Along the way they'll need to quickly solve multiplication puzzles of increasing difficulty in order to keep going. Everything from unlocking doors to boss fights is powered by mastering multiplication.

Not your ordinary educational game

Most educational games are pretty bare-bones affairs just math exercises without any real gameplay to sweeten the pill. Timez Attack by contrast is a pretty lavish production certainly by educational-game standards. The characters are charmingly cartoony and the environment is detailed and well-designed. It isn't up to most AAA titles of course -- and it's showing its age a little -- but it's still an appealing environment for younger players. The gameplay is simple and the different math challenges are given enough mechanical variety that they don't get repetitive. The soundtrack is cheerful but unmemorable.

Top of its class

If you're looking for an educational game to help your students or children brush up on their times tables Timez Attack is a good choice. It's engaging enough not to get boring but contains a strong core of genuinely helpful math content to improve student performance.


  • Varied implementation of math puzzles
  • Charming cartoon characters
  • Simple and familiar gameplay


  • Dated graphics and soundtrack

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Timez Attack for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 2.0.2
  • 4

  • Security Status

User reviews about Timez Attack

  • turkey sandwich

    by turkey sandwich

    Respectfully, I wish this game nothing but the worse. The amount of pure stress and anger this caused 3rd grade me made me want to burn down a buildi More

  • Deanna Hines

    by Deanna Hines

    Everyone should play it cause If you don't know your math facts then play this game and it will help you learn your math facts better.

  • Giovanni Romero

    by Giovanni Romero

    its fun and all i just think you shouldnt have to upgrade to get diffrent levels its for learning math your just gonna keep on doing the easy stuff. = More

  • Chrissani Jackson

    by Chrissani Jackson

    i love this game so much and i just do not want to stop playing

  • Leah Gorski

    by Leah Gorski

    My three homeschooled sons remember this game fondly, it made teaching multiplication easy and fun. Returning to public school as teens they all took  More

  • Melanie Wehrheim

    by Melanie Wehrheim

    good just me on please thank you.
    good just let me on please thank you come on please ???? how


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